Miu Miu Jeweled Patent and Velvet Sneakers


Er. I really have nothing else to say besides that I need these shoes, and I need them as soon as these land in my nearest Miu Miu store and I get to run my fingers over that gorgeous aqua velvet, and ogle all the shiny stuff over the toe cap. I love almost every jeweled shoe Miu Miu makes (um, not the Oxfords), and I just bought a pair of their jeweled heel ballerinas in May. First Louboutin, now Miu Miu are out to tempt me with their designer sneakers! I suppose some people will look at these and see a very impractical shoe – velvet and jewels on a sneaker, why should a sneaker cost $585USD, how are you going to do anything in them without getting them dirty, yada yada. That doesn’t faze me in the slightest though, since I’m not even the least bit sporty! Wearing these probably counts as being sporty enough for the year for me, actually. So these will just make people think that maybe I run sometimes, when actually I won’t be doing anything of the sort (no trekking through mud or whatever it is outdoorsy types do) at all, and my shoes will stay pristine. Perfect! Now only to wait til 15th October when the pre-orders ship…


Here’s a picture of the top of the shoe, so you can ogle the jewels too:


Ooh, shiny


If you want to pre-order your own pair, you can do so at Sak’s Fifth Avenue!

Miu Miu Bag charms

I took French for a brief 2 years in middle school, and if you’d told me back then that one day I’d be using those French skills to read articles in French Vogue then well, I might have studied harder! Today I came across these Miu Miu bag charms on theĀ vogue.fr site, and Miu Miu is launching them as part of their Spring-Summer 2011 Collection. Aren’t these the cutest charms you’ve ever seen? I happened to come across the Prada bag charms in the SoHo Prada store a few weeks ago, and if these are anything like those then the charms are really just 2×3 inches, if even! The clincher – these are 250 euros each. So many euros, so little cloth…

If the price doesn’t faze you though, these charms should be available in Miu Miu boutiques now!