Brian Atwood Maniac Pearl-pink Silk Satin Platform Pumps


I seem to say this about almost every shoe I feature here, but aren’t these just beautiful? Such a classic shape and color really don’t need me to describe them further, but if I did, I’d say something about how these would be the perfect classic bridal shoes, but still versatile and elegant enough for any other dressy evening event. Add something about that faint blushpetal pink and stunning sheen of the silk-satin, and curved almond toe platform pump shape that only Designers tend to do to perfection and voila, post done! Here, have another picture:


What was that I said about the perfect curve of this vamp again? Oh yeah, designer shoes cost $480 and you can pick this pair up from Net-A-Porter here.


Kate Spade Gal heels

These cream and black Kate Spade heels are quite cute, aren’t they? I love stripes, and black and cream is one of my go-to colour combinations. The striped heel reminds me of zebras (in a good, cute way!) and the grosgrain ribbon is simple and cute. While the combination of cream and black usually makes for a more formal shoe,  the open toe and slingback style of this one keeps it casual. With its 4″ heel though, you probably won’t be wearing this for a walk in the park, but it’d be perfect for say, a lawn party in the Spring! Anyone want to invite me to theirs?

These are $298 and you can get them from the Kate Spade store online here.

Forever 21 Ditsy Rose Slingback Heels

These Ditsy Rose Slingback Heels by Forever 21 are actually rather pretty, aren’t they? The hidden platform, round toe and tapered heel, along with the cute floral print are rather (I can’t believe I’m saying this word) darling, don’t you think? I’m longing for weather that’s warmer (and less snow!) than what we’ve been getting here in Boston lately so I could actually wear slingback heels, but if you live somewhere where the weather permits then these shoes would be great for a dressy look. If anything, these look a lot better than the last pair of Forever 21 shoes I blogged about!

If you prefer the chunky heel/Mary Jane look that’s been made popular lately by the likes of Miu Miu, then these Floral Mary Janes, also by F21 and in the same print might be more up your alley:

Forever 21 make lots of cheap shoes, and of course the problem with buying shoes online is that you can’t tell how comfortable they’ll be, or what they really look like in person. My experience with F21 shoes is that they’re really not that bad, especially for the price, and if you stick to materials like cloth (like both these shoes) you’ll avoid the problem of the shoe looking “cheap”, as some fake suede, leather and patent shoes are wont to do. Their sizing is fairly standard, and the shoes don’t really run small or big, and as for how comfortable they are it really depends on the individual shoe. I have a pair of F21 heels that pinch so much they’ll never be more than a house-to-car kind of shoe for me, but oddly enough my F21 thigh-high boots are pretty comfortable.

The Ditsy Rose Slingback Heels retail for $24.80, while the Floral Mary Janes are $25.80. You can purchase both on the Forever 21 online store.