Forever 21 Double Platform Glitter Stilettos

These are Forever 21’s new Double Platform Glitter Stilettos, and don’t they look very… architectural? I don’t mean that in a bad way (I’m an architecture student, so quite the opposite!) They’re definitely interesting, what with the double bow, double platform, and slight Kirkwood thing going on with the heel! Having stared at this shoe for the last few days, I’ve decided that I quite like the design, but I’d think twice about buying it if it’s Forever21 doing the manufacturing! Let’s be honest here, F21 is known for being a cheap, commercial brand, and some of their shoes are pretty hit or miss in terms of quality and workmanship. I’d feel safer buying a shoe like this from a higher-end brand, just for the extra peace of mind that the platform won’t fall apart on me! Still, props to Forever 21 for being less ‘commercial’ with this shoe and going instead for a more edgy, unique look that might not necessarily have mass appeal. They’re very ambitious, and I like them!

Here’s a closeup of the platform:

I just looked at the platform and thought, Oreo’s! but that might just be me. Seriously though, doesn’t that sandwich effect remind you of Oreo’s? No? Okay, moving on… Where did I leave those Oreo’s?

These are $32.80 and you can purchase them here.


Forever 21 Leopard Lace Up Wedges

After writing about the pretty pink pair of Forever 21 heels below, I thought it’d be interesting to show you guys the other side of the same brand – there are shoes a brand creates that I love, and some which are truly hideous and make me question my undying love for a particular designer. Likewise, as nice as the Forever 21 heels I showed you earlier are, these:



are very much uglier. These are like Cinderella’s 4th stepsister who was so ugly she didn’t even make it into the book for fear that children everywhere would run away crying.


don’t look much nicer from the top either, hmm?


I’m guessing there must be some leopard print fanatics out there who saw this shoe and thought, OMG WANT! though I’m clearly not one of them. If you want this shoe though, you can buy it for $27.80 here. Just… don’t let me see you wearing it.

Forever 21 Sateen Stiletto Heels


Well now, aren’t these shoes quite nice? Forever 21 call this a “nude” shoe, though it looks like more of a light nude pink to me. But I love pink, so if F21 think pink is the new nude then hurray! I think the curved upper adds a nice touch to what’s really just a typical platform court, and the sateen finish has a nice slight sheen that manages to not look cheap, though you might want to check these out in a F21 store if you’re worried about that just in case these photograph better than they are! These also have a showstopping 5.8″ heel height, and while the 1″ platform will help, it’ll still be like walking in a platformless 5″ heel. Definitely a house door-to-car kind of shoe!

These are $24.80 and you can purchase them from the Forever 21 online store here. Also available in black.

Forever 21 Fuzzy Stiletto Heels



These are Forever 21’s new Fuzzy Stiletto Heels, and there’s really only one place I can imagine you’d wear fluffy 6-inch, fire engine red stilettos to – let’s just say that with 30 dollar bills, you’d have enough money for these shoes. Alternatively you could wear these for a private night in, because I really hope F21 wasn’t expecting their buyers to actually wear these things out! I can see how these would be fun for a bachelorette party, though you might not get many uses out of them – you can clearly see where the fuzz was attached onto the strap from the back view!



If that doesn’t faze you and you feel you absolutely need a pair of fluffy red stilettos in your life, you can click here to buy them for $29.80.

Forever 21 Nude Peeptoe Slingbacks


Forever 21 have called these the 70s Gal Leatherette Shoes, because they’re leatherette slingbacks with an antique finish buckle. Somehow I’m not really getting the 70s feel from them, but they’re quite a nice pair of shoes regardless! The 1″ platform and 5″ heel are made of cork, and blend nicely with the leatherette upper. Leather and cork are an interesting combination, and in this case I think it works. This would be a great Spring / Summer shoe, and the neutral color is easy to match.


I’ve been looking for a good pair of nude shoes (I can’t believe I don’t have a pair yet!) but it’s been so difficult to find the perfect, leg-lengthening shade of nude on a comfy shoe. I’ll have to check these out at a Forever 21 store, but if you want to buy these online they’re $23.80 and you can click here. Also available in brown.

Forever 21 Ditsy Rose Slingback Heels

These Ditsy Rose Slingback Heels by Forever 21 are actually rather pretty, aren’t they? The hidden platform, round toe and tapered heel, along with the cute floral print are rather (I can’t believe I’m saying this word) darling, don’t you think? I’m longing for weather that’s warmer (and less snow!) than what we’ve been getting here in Boston lately so I could actually wear slingback heels, but if you live somewhere where the weather permits then these shoes would be great for a dressy look. If anything, these look a lot better than the last pair of Forever 21 shoes I blogged about!

If you prefer the chunky heel/Mary Jane look that’s been made popular lately by the likes of Miu Miu, then these Floral Mary Janes, also by F21 and in the same print might be more up your alley:

Forever 21 make lots of cheap shoes, and of course the problem with buying shoes online is that you can’t tell how comfortable they’ll be, or what they really look like in person. My experience with F21 shoes is that they’re really not that bad, especially for the price, and if you stick to materials like cloth (like both these shoes) you’ll avoid the problem of the shoe looking “cheap”, as some fake suede, leather and patent shoes are wont to do. Their sizing is fairly standard, and the shoes don’t really run small or big, and as for how comfortable they are it really depends on the individual shoe. I have a pair of F21 heels that pinch so much they’ll never be more than a house-to-car kind of shoe for me, but oddly enough my F21 thigh-high boots are pretty comfortable.

The Ditsy Rose Slingback Heels retail for $24.80, while the Floral Mary Janes are $25.80. You can purchase both on the Forever 21 online store.

Forever 21 Cheetah Wedge Ankle Boots



Don’t get me wrong, I love that Forever 21 produces loads of fairly nice-looking, cheap shoes, and I occasionally buy a pair or two myself. But this shoe? Back to the drawing board, whoever designed this…