Miu Miu Bag charms

I took French for a brief 2 years in middle school, and if you’d told me back then that one day I’d be using those French skills to read articles in French Vogue then well, I might have studied harder! Today I came across these Miu Miu bag charms on theĀ vogue.fr site, and Miu Miu is launching them as part of their Spring-Summer 2011 Collection. Aren’t these the cutest charms you’ve ever seen? I happened to come across the Prada bag charms in the SoHo Prada store a few weeks ago, and if these are anything like those then the charms are really just 2×3 inches, if even! The clincher – these are 250 euros each. So many euros, so little cloth…

If the price doesn’t faze you though, these charms should be available in Miu Miu boutiques now!