Droopy Celine Luggage totes

I’ve seen one too many pictures of celebs and their saggy luggage totes that I’ve come to the conclusion that time definitely affects us all. Droopy luggage totes were never a problem for me because my favourite Celine bag has always been the Phantom (that droopy tongue… those Dobby ears…) so the slouchier the better, but I’ve recently succumbed and bought a Mini luggage tote of my own. The first day I bought it I frantically googled, “Do Celine luggage totes sag over time??” (yeah don’t judge), and to my horror I discovered this thread on PurseForum.com, where I found the following pictures:

 Celine Luggage

                  Spanking new kelly green mini. Credit: Syma on PurseForum


                                             Yes, yes I do sag.


                       Perhaps “melt” might be a more appropriate word.

Yeah, I actually found all this quite funny. Horrifying, yes, but definitely funny too. Apparently this sagging can happen even if you leave your luggage tote in a cupboard and don’t use it – imagine not touching your precious Celine for 6 months, finally taking it out of its dustbag again aaaaaand it’s turned to goo. Mad depressing, but funny no? I think I would burst into hysterical laughter, then cry. Definitely cry.

You can bet I’ll be monitoring my luggage tote over the next year! If it really starts sagging something horrific I’ll be sure to post pictures for  you guys to see. I got it in Oct’12 and it’s grown some tiny wrinkles (just like my face…) but nothing major. To anyone with a luggage tote/trapeze/phantom (the main saggy culprits) of your own, have you experienced this with your bag? Let me know!

Hello Kitty Crocs

Oh no. The instant I saw these shoes I felt my heart sink, because I absolutely love Hello Kitty, but… but… but… these are Crocs, and I absolutely hate Crocs, and it feels like my love for Hello Kitty is being tested against my hate for Crocs, to see which I love/hate more. I mean, these don’t even look that much like Crocs! Sure they’re rubbery, but rubber flats have been SO in fashion lately! And they’re black, and black matches everything, and that pink rubber bow is actually pretty cute. But wait-

The back looks a bit… childish, doesn’t it? A wee bit twee? But if I didn’t like childish things I wouldn’t be looking at Hello Kitty shoes now would I? Look look, these have Hello Kitty’s face on them!!

And see, they look quite alright with black tights now don’t they? In a, they don’t look that bad from a distance kind of way? I’m SO confused right now. If I buy these, is that proof of my love for all things Hello Kitty? Or am I just buying the most well-disguised Crocs in the universe? Either way I think I lose. If you want a pair though, these are currently £14.99 at  50% off and you can buy them from Schuh.

Forever 21 Leopard Lace Up Wedges

After writing about the pretty pink pair of Forever 21 heels below, I thought it’d be interesting to show you guys the other side of the same brand – there are shoes a brand creates that I love, and some which are truly hideous and make me question my undying love for a particular designer. Likewise, as nice as the Forever 21 heels I showed you earlier are, these:



are very much uglier. These are like Cinderella’s 4th stepsister who was so ugly she didn’t even make it into the book for fear that children everywhere would run away crying.


don’t look much nicer from the top either, hmm?


I’m guessing there must be some leopard print fanatics out there who saw this shoe and thought, OMG WANT! though I’m clearly not one of them. If you want this shoe though, you can buy it for $27.80 here. Just… don’t let me see you wearing it.

Forever 21 Fuzzy Stiletto Heels



These are Forever 21’s new Fuzzy Stiletto Heels, and there’s really only one place I can imagine you’d wear fluffy 6-inch, fire engine red stilettos to – let’s just say that with 30 dollar bills, you’d have enough money for these shoes. Alternatively you could wear these for a private night in, because I really hope F21 wasn’t expecting their buyers to actually wear these things out! I can see how these would be fun for a bachelorette party, though you might not get many uses out of them – you can clearly see where the fuzz was attached onto the strap from the back view!



If that doesn’t faze you and you feel you absolutely need a pair of fluffy red stilettos in your life, you can click here to buy them for $29.80.

Lady Gaga Grammys Fashion 2011

I’m sure this is just a precursor to whatever she’ll be wearing later, but I’ve just seen a picture of what Lady Gaga wore to the Grammys red carpet, and…




She’s an egg, folks. Or rather, she’s in a womb, complete with all that nasty-looking fluid inside. I guess this might be some sort of publicity stunt for her new song, Born This Way, but then again with Lady Gaga who knows?? Maybe she’ll even hatch out of it at her performance later.


Another picture:



(pictures from GiulianaRancic and Robert M.)


Forever 21 Cheetah Wedge Ankle Boots



Don’t get me wrong, I love that Forever 21 produces loads of fairly nice-looking, cheap shoes, and I occasionally buy a pair or two myself. But this shoe? Back to the drawing board, whoever designed this…