Swarovski Crystal Dipped Hello Kitty Mirror

Last year I bought this mirror from Sephora:

Today I went on the Sephora website and discovered that they’ve since added this:

The same mirror. Covered in hundreds of pink Swarovski crystals, and packed in a black velveteen pouch and a jewel box so you can keep your pretty jeweled Hello Kitty mirror safe. All for just $350USD, a mere ten times the cost of the original mirror! Why, Sephora, do you do these things to me?? But wait-

Last year I also bought this Hello Kitty brush set:

And guess what? Yup, this happened:

Hundreds more pink Swarovskis, and at $495USD the blinged-up brush set is also 10x the price of the original, un-blinged up version. Seriously, why was I born an Asian girl with a love for all things Hello Kitty? Hello Kitty and shiny, now this is just unfair – why am I supposed to resist these?? Maybe if I hadn’t just dropped about 500USD today on one of those Miu Miu bag charms I wrote about 3 months ago (I bought the pink one!!), I might feel less guilty about blowing another couple hundred on shiny Hello Kitty things? Oh God, I’m hopeless. I think I’m going to drool at these blinged-up pictures for a bit more, moan a bit to myself and then go out tomorrow and buy a bajillion crystals so I can bling up my mirror and brush set myself. While I’m at it I’ll probably bling up my phone, and maybe my camera too…

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