Swarovski Crystal Dipped Hello Kitty Mirror

Last year I bought this mirror from Sephora:

Today I went on the Sephora website and discovered that they’ve since added this:

The same mirror. Covered in hundreds of pink Swarovski crystals, and packed in a black velveteen pouch and a jewel box so you can keep your pretty jeweled Hello Kitty mirror safe. All for just $350USD, a mere ten times the cost of the original mirror! Why, Sephora, do you do these things to me?? But wait-

Last year I also bought this Hello Kitty brush set:

And guess what? Yup, this happened:

Hundreds more pink Swarovskis, and at $495USD the blinged-up brush set is also 10x the price of the original, un-blinged up version. Seriously, why was I born an Asian girl with a love for all things Hello Kitty? Hello Kitty and shiny, now this is just unfair – why am I supposed to resist these?? Maybe if I hadn’t just dropped about 500USD today on one of those Miu Miu bag charms I wrote about 3 months ago (I bought the pink one!!), I might feel less guilty about blowing another couple hundred on shiny Hello Kitty things? Oh God, I’m hopeless. I think I’m going to drool at these blinged-up pictures for a bit more, moan a bit to myself and then go out tomorrow and buy a bajillion crystals so I can bling up my mirror and brush set myself. While I’m at it I’ll probably bling up my phone, and maybe my camera too…


Miu Miu Jeweled Patent and Velvet Sneakers


Er. I really have nothing else to say besides that I need these shoes, and I need them as soon as these land in my nearest Miu Miu store and I get to run my fingers over that gorgeous aqua velvet, and ogle all the shiny stuff over the toe cap. I love almost every jeweled shoe Miu Miu makes (um, not the Oxfords), and I just bought a pair of their jeweled heel ballerinas in May. First Louboutin, now Miu Miu are out to tempt me with their designer sneakers! I suppose some people will look at these and see a very impractical shoe – velvet and jewels on a sneaker, why should a sneaker cost $585USD, how are you going to do anything in them without getting them dirty, yada yada. That doesn’t faze me in the slightest though, since I’m not even the least bit sporty! Wearing these probably counts as being sporty enough for the year for me, actually. So these will just make people think that maybe I run sometimes, when actually I won’t be doing anything of the sort (no trekking through mud or whatever it is outdoorsy types do) at all, and my shoes will stay pristine. Perfect! Now only to wait til 15th October when the pre-orders ship…


Here’s a picture of the top of the shoe, so you can ogle the jewels too:


Ooh, shiny


If you want to pre-order your own pair, you can do so at Sak’s Fifth Avenue!

Hello Kitty Crocs

Oh no. The instant I saw these shoes I felt my heart sink, because I absolutely love Hello Kitty, but… but… but… these are Crocs, and I absolutely hate Crocs, and it feels like my love for Hello Kitty is being tested against my hate for Crocs, to see which I love/hate more. I mean, these don’t even look that much like Crocs! Sure they’re rubbery, but rubber flats have been SO in fashion lately! And they’re black, and black matches everything, and that pink rubber bow is actually pretty cute. But wait-

The back looks a bit… childish, doesn’t it? A wee bit twee? But if I didn’t like childish things I wouldn’t be looking at Hello Kitty shoes now would I? Look look, these have Hello Kitty’s face on them!!

And see, they look quite alright with black tights now don’t they? In a, they don’t look that bad from a distance kind of way? I’m SO confused right now. If I buy these, is that proof of my love for all things Hello Kitty? Or am I just buying the most well-disguised Crocs in the universe? Either way I think I lose. If you want a pair though, these are currently £14.99 at  50% off and you can buy them from Schuh.