MAC Quite Cute Spring Collection

images via Temptalia



These are pictures of MAC’s Quite Cute Collection, set to launch in the US on April 7th. That’s not the point of this post though, because what I really want to tell you guys is that All Cosmetics Wholesale has managed to get 3 of the lipglosses from the collection and are currently selling them on their website, more than a month before the official release date! These might likely be advance samples that got leaked somewhere, which has happened before. The 3 available plushglasses are:


Girl Boy – Bright light blue pink, available for purchase here.

Bubble Tea – Creamy pale nude, available for purchase here.

Fashion Fanatic – Creamy pale pink,, available for purchase here.


ACW usually sells most of their past collection limited edition MAC stuff for higher than retail, but these are only $13.50, $5 off of MAC’s retail price! If you know which lipglosses you want from the Quite Cute collection, this would be a great way to get them for cheaper, and ahead of everyone else, giving you the opportunity to pull out an as-of-yet unreleased, limited edition MAC lipgloss from your bag. I have Asian girl friends who would freak out if I whipped out a MAC Bubble Tea lipgloss, and I absolutely love bubble tea (I can easily drink 4 cups of the stuff a day), so no surprises which one I’m getting!


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