Kurt Geiger Shoe Sale

The Kurt Geiger sale is on, and clicking this link will bring you right to the Women’s Sale section, where shoes are up to 75% off! The site crashed yesterday from the sheer amount of traffic from women who just wanted to buy shoes (myself included), but it’s back up and running today so buy yours while you can (but leave some in my size…)!

Some of my picks:

Evita, available in black and pink. The black is sold out in everything except Euro 41, and it’s only during shoe sales that I find myself wishing I were all sorts of different shoe sizes. Like right now, I wish I were a Euro 41…

Ediva, which is thankfully available in my size! I love black and white shoes, and KG manages to contrast both colours beautifully. I also love the delicate T-bar, structured black-and-white bow and front pleating.

Eden 2, which is a gorgeous shade of pink and cream! Was £70, now only £39 too.

Angelica by Carvela. I love the ridiculously high platform, and the deep blue is stunning.

Arrogant, also by Carvela. I love lace shoes, and it’s hard to find a pair with the right proportion of lace to beige undertones that also isn’t too shiny-looking and cheap. This is a really pretty pair, and I love the triple alternating platform of lace and black.

Clearly I belong in the high-platform-skinny-heel camp, and I’m off to nab as many of those as I can! Enjoy the sale 🙂


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