Frocking Fridays

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If you’ve been reading my blog you’ll know that I took part in Dressember, which was essentially a challenge to wear a dress for each day of December. Well December has obviously ended (and this post is a few days late!), and I’d apparently forgotten when I signed up for this challenge that my Finals Week is right smack in the middle of the month, so I spent the first 2 weeks frantically pulling all-nighters writing essays and studying. There’s not much point getting all dolled up only to sit at home and study the whole day now is there? I’m kidding, I would totally dress up everyday even if I’m barely leaving the house!

The kind people behind Dressember are preventing against any Dress Withrawal you might be experiencing now that there’s no reason to wear a dress everyday, and have gone ahead and created Frocking Fridays, a challenge to wear a dress every Friday of 2011! Off the Facebook page:


“52 dresses a day a week a year,at least.

Please note: This is for dresses/frocks, not skirts. The bigger, the brighter, the slinkier and the more lovely the better. Let your dress reflect your inner goddess on the outisde.

We have a week to plan the Friday frock, to choose accessories and shoes, and backdrop for photograph… so this is going to be good…”


I’ll be participating (any excuse to wear more dresses, really!), and I think it’s a great idea to have the whole week to plan the perfect outfit. Feel free to join me 🙂

2 Days til the first Thank Frock it’s Friday of the year!


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