MAC Wonder Woman Collection 2011


The MAC Wonder Woman Collection is out on! This is an unexpectedly early release since the collection only hits stores on Feb 10th, and most collections go online just a few days before the in-store launch date. If you received an invitation to a Wonder Woman Preview Party at your local MAC store and you’re in the Mid-West/North-Eastern part of the USA, they’ve also been re-scheduled to Friday, Feb 4th instead of tomorrow due to the bad weather!


You can also use codes POW or MOST on your order to get Free Shipping! Happy shopping everyone 🙂


Forever 21 Ditsy Rose Slingback Heels

These Ditsy Rose Slingback Heels by Forever 21 are actually rather pretty, aren’t they? The hidden platform, round toe and tapered heel, along with the cute floral print are rather (I can’t believe I’m saying this word) darling, don’t you think? I’m longing for weather that’s warmer (and less snow!) than what we’ve been getting here in Boston lately so I could actually wear slingback heels, but if you live somewhere where the weather permits then these shoes would be great for a dressy look. If anything, these look a lot better than the last pair of Forever 21 shoes I blogged about!

If you prefer the chunky heel/Mary Jane look that’s been made popular lately by the likes of Miu Miu, then these Floral Mary Janes, also by F21 and in the same print might be more up your alley:

Forever 21 make lots of cheap shoes, and of course the problem with buying shoes online is that you can’t tell how comfortable they’ll be, or what they really look like in person. My experience with F21 shoes is that they’re really not that bad, especially for the price, and if you stick to materials like cloth (like both these shoes) you’ll avoid the problem of the shoe looking “cheap”, as some fake suede, leather and patent shoes are wont to do. Their sizing is fairly standard, and the shoes don’t really run small or big, and as for how comfortable they are it really depends on the individual shoe. I have a pair of F21 heels that pinch so much they’ll never be more than a house-to-car kind of shoe for me, but oddly enough my F21 thigh-high boots are pretty comfortable.

The Ditsy Rose Slingback Heels retail for $24.80, while the Floral Mary Janes are $25.80. You can purchase both on the Forever 21 online store.

MAC Sheen Supreme Lipstick Collection 2011

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This is the promo picture for MAC’s Sheen Supreme Lipstick Collection, and isn’t it just beautiful? MAC releases a ridiculous number of collections every year, but still manages to produce stunning promo pictures for almost all of them. I love the punk/artsy feel of this picture, like it could be part of an editorial in Nylon magazine!

Collection Launch Dates:

USA/Canada: March 3rd 2011

Rest of the world: March 2011

Modcloth Pencil Me In flats

These Modcloth Pencil Me In flats will make it look like you’re wearing pencils on your feet! I think they’re ridiculously cute, though I’m sure many of you might just think they look ridiculous! If you can’t wait to buy a pair I’m afraid you’ll have to wait, as these are currently out of stock in every size, which you know, means that they’re either very popular or Modcloth only made 5 thinking they won’t sell. You can, however, head over to Modcloth and get notified on restock, and these flats will be yours at $97.99.


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The HELLO KITTY COLLECTION is back in stock on Sephora!! The collection sold ridiculously well during the limited VIB private sale I wrote about last month, and now the whole collection is back! It looks like in addition to restocking everything, Sephora has added some new items like oil blotters and even a Hello Kitty Solid Perfume necklace!

Some of the items in the HK collection:

Clicking the links will bring you to each product’s Sephora page. This is your last chance to grab these items as they won’t be coming back in stock!! Happy shopping :))

Urban Decay Naked Palette in stock on!!

The UD Naked Palette has once again gone out of stock on, but don’t worry if you haven’t gotten one yet because ULTA has them in stock! Clicking this link will bring you straight to the product page.

I know ULTA says the Naked palette is excluded from coupons, but to my knowledge this really only applies for the tiered coupons ($3.50 off $10, $5 off $25 purchase etc). Codes for free shipping, as well as the 20% off welcome offer from ULTA will still work! Enter 53131 at checkout for free shipping 🙂

Kurt Geiger Shoe Sale

The Kurt Geiger sale is on, and clicking this link will bring you right to the Women’s Sale section, where shoes are up to 75% off! The site crashed yesterday from the sheer amount of traffic from women who just wanted to buy shoes (myself included), but it’s back up and running today so buy yours while you can (but leave some in my size…)!

Some of my picks:

Evita, available in black and pink. The black is sold out in everything except Euro 41, and it’s only during shoe sales that I find myself wishing I were all sorts of different shoe sizes. Like right now, I wish I were a Euro 41…

Ediva, which is thankfully available in my size! I love black and white shoes, and KG manages to contrast both colours beautifully. I also love the delicate T-bar, structured black-and-white bow and front pleating.

Eden 2, which is a gorgeous shade of pink and cream! Was £70, now only £39 too.

Angelica by Carvela. I love the ridiculously high platform, and the deep blue is stunning.

Arrogant, also by Carvela. I love lace shoes, and it’s hard to find a pair with the right proportion of lace to beige undertones that also isn’t too shiny-looking and cheap. This is a really pretty pair, and I love the triple alternating platform of lace and black.

Clearly I belong in the high-platform-skinny-heel camp, and I’m off to nab as many of those as I can! Enjoy the sale 🙂

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