Hello Kitty Sephora Private Event


I just got this in my email today! Sephora is having a 2-day only, online preview sale of the HELLO KITTY collection!! I already want the Brush set, apple lip balm and fragrance. And the nail stickers are really cute too. I thought I’d bought enough from Sephora after the FF Sale, then the VIB Sale, then the Holiday giftcards. Now this? It’s like Sephora is out to get all my money or something…

Some product pictures:

Hello Kitty Brush Set, the brushes are all pink-tipped and fit into the HK tin! Retails for $49.

Hello Kitty fragrance in the cutest spray bottle *-*

Apple pot lip balm, the color payoff is supposed to be as good as a lipstick but we’ll see! The cute apple pot and HK logo are enough to make me buy this though. But then again, you could put Hello Kitty’s face on a bottle of water and I’d probably buy it, so…

The collection launches officially in-stores and online in mid-January, and I have a feeling everything will sell out quick!



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