It’s December 1st, and I’ve decided to participate in Dressember, a challenge where for the whole month I’ll have to wear a dress! Not the same one obviously, and you can wear a skirt/top if you have to too. Off the facebook page:


“December 1st marks the beginning of ‘Dressember’ – the challenge for women (or the adventurous male) everywhere to shake up their wardrobe and try ditching the jeans and t-shirts.

We’re aiming to wear dresses as often as possible – don’t worry if it’s not practical in the day, you can go for a skirt/top combo if needed, or have fun and dress up in the evening in that cocktail dress you never get to wear!”

I suspect this challenge is going to be a lot easier once I’m back in Singapore over Christmas (though I’m not sure how I’m going to spend 20 hours on a plane in a dress!), since it’s been way too easy to just roll out of bed, throw on jeans and roll to school. It’s also cold in Boston, and any dress or skirt will have to be paired with tights, which means I’ll be another two minutes later to class! I remember some day in September when I put on jeans, and it was the first time since February that I’d worn them, and I was so sad that I’d broken my 7-month no-jeans streak! I’m ridiculously vain, and even in 2 degrees Celsius I’ll still put on tights and a skirt under my coat. This semester though, well… Let’s just say that Dressember is a great way to get back into wearing dresses all the time again!

Feel free to join me in this challenge šŸ™‚


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