Crimes of Fashion (Warning: Cannot unsee..)

Today I clicked a link foreveramber posted on her Twitter account:

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! It’s so damn horrific!!

There’s so much wrong with the listing too. Look, “Here’s the great eBay item you just found on Twitter!” Why not “retweet this item” or “view similar items in this category?” I think if I retweet this I’ll seriously get unfollowed, and I’m WAY TOO SCARED to look at similar items thanks. Any wonder that this leotard thing is only 4 pounds?? And you can get it in time for the holidays too! I’m sure any boyfriend or husband would appreciate this:


Love how the seller “assumes all responsibility for this listing”… How about being responsible for my eyes, eh??

And just because I love you guys, I went and looked at the seller’s ebay page to see what other crap he’s selling. You’re welcome!

Who buys this stuff, seriously??


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