More stuff I bought..

I’m terribly hopeless at resisting buying things. The Sephora sale ended online at midnight PST, and naturally as it got closer to midnight I freaked out even more at the thought of the sale being over and there possibly being more things I wanted to buy. So of course I went and placed another order, which was my fourth, and I’m so glad now that this sale only happens once a year -__________-

Apparently I love shower gel, because I’ve just bought 2 litres of it in the last week. This Korres Holiday set has Hot Spiced Chocolate, Honey Spice and Sugar Glazed Clementine, and they all sound delicious so I don’t regret buying this. Yum.

Sephora by OPI nail polishes in Teal We Meet Again and Dear Diary (3rd from the left I think?). The deep teal is stunning, and I love pink. Last year my sister made me bring back 20+ bottles of nail polish from the US back to Singapore for her, so at least there’s always someone else more obsessed than I am..

Marc Jacobs Lola perfume ring! I know the Daisy one is newer and possibly prettier but this is so much more eye-catching! I got this as a present for my piano teacher, she’s absolutely amazing and has to deal with my crap all the time (oversleep, late, last-minute reschedule, bored of piece and want to change etc). She’s Romanian and brilliant at piano! She was damn sick once after she came back from teaching a Masterclass in China, and she dragged herself to school full of antibiotics just for her one lesson with me and I overslept and didn’t show up that day : ((((

Got the mini sample version of Clinique’s Happy perfume and a Bare Minerals set for free because I redeemed my sephora points (100 for Happy, 500 for the set)! The set has a full-size mascara and a mini face brush, lip gloss and mineral powder in a pouch. I love getting free stuff from Sephora 😀

I also picked up a Christmas present for one of my really good friends, it’s something pretty amazing (I think so la :D) so I really hope she likes it!! Not saying what it is in case she happens to read this~

So that’s all the stuff I hauled from the Sephora FF Sale 2010! Seriously I was like some crack addict desperately placing my last order at 11:58PM, 2 minutes before the sale ended. I was damn scared it wouldn’t go through can -.- Hope you guys liked reading my Sephora posts, and tell me what Sephora stuff you’ve been loving lately!!


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