Forever 21 Cheetah Wedge Ankle Boots



Don’t get me wrong, I love that Forever 21 produces loads of fairly nice-looking, cheap shoes, and I occasionally buy a pair or two myself. But this shoe? Back to the drawing board, whoever designed this…

Fragrances Day 1: Givenchy Very Irrésistible Review

I’ve started getting into fragrances lately, and I picked up a sampler set of 9 fragrances from Sephora including Dior Addict 2, Versace Bright Crystal, Juicy Couture Viva la Juicy, Dolce & Gabbana Rose The One, Prada Infusion d’Iris and Givenchy Very Irresistible. At first whiff my favourites are definitely Viva la Juicy and D&G’s Rose The One (Prada what happened??), especially since I love floral scents!

The thing about fragrances is that how it smells in the bottle might not be how it will smell like on you. This is due to our individual body chemistry reacting with the perfume, which is also why the same perfume might smell different on different people. Just whiffing the scent in a store also isn’t a good gauge of what the perfume smells like, and ideally you should test a scent out for a whole day so you let it develop fully on your skin. I’ll be testing some of these perfumes out over the next week or so, wearing them for a full day each. Hopefully I’ll be able to give you guys a good idea of what I think about each one!

Givenchy Very Irrésistible Eau de Toilette

Givenchy’s Very Irrésistible is one of the brand’s current bestselling scents. Givenchy says that the scent is:

“An homage to Givenchy’s early days when fashion and cinema were intertwined, Very Irrésistible Givenchy, unites the elegant tradition of French style with the energy and pop-culture pizzazz of American film. Bursting with roses and infused with star anise, and verbena leaf, Very Irrésistible Givenchy is a fresh departure from the traditional floral fragrance.”

Very Irresistible has Peony Rose, Fantasia Rose, Centifolia Rose, Passion Rose, Emotion Rose, Verbena Leaf and Star Anise. Givenchy weren’t kidding when they said this scent was bursting with roses! The top notes are very nice and floraly, and I quite like it. In fact, I could sniff this from the bottle all day. It’s refreshing and sweet but not overly so.

The sweetness fades after about an hour, and the scent goes from sweet floral to a warmer, more sensual floral scent. It smells like the sort of thing you would wear to a sophisticated French dinner party, with a dress that hits your knees. By this point I can see why Givenchy calls this a departure from the traditional floral fragrance, since it’s not just a girly floral. It has a nice full, deep body, and think it would be great as an everyday scent to wear to work.

I asked my boyfriend what he thought of Givenchy’s Very Irresistible, and all he said was “Resistible” ahahaha. If it’s too irresistible for you though, you can pick up a standard sized 1.7oz Eau de Toilette Spray from GivenchyBeauty or Sephora for $67USD.

Crimes of Fashion (Warning: Cannot unsee..)

Today I clicked a link foreveramber posted on her Twitter account:

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! It’s so damn horrific!!

There’s so much wrong with the listing too. Look, “Here’s the great eBay item you just found on Twitter!” Why not “retweet this item” or “view similar items in this category?” I think if I retweet this I’ll seriously get unfollowed, and I’m WAY TOO SCARED to look at similar items thanks. Any wonder that this leotard thing is only 4 pounds?? And you can get it in time for the holidays too! I’m sure any boyfriend or husband would appreciate this:


Love how the seller “assumes all responsibility for this listing”… How about being responsible for my eyes, eh??

And just because I love you guys, I went and looked at the seller’s ebay page to see what other crap he’s selling. You’re welcome!

Who buys this stuff, seriously??

Lucyd Acyd Bandage leggings


I just bought these Illicit Bandage Leggings from online store LUCYD ACYD, and they’re absolutely gorgeous. They’re getting shipped to my Singapore address, and I’m going to wear them with my 5-inch black suede Steve Madden boots the second I get them. Now the question is, how do I wait til December??


(photo credits Alice Point)

More stuff I bought..

I’m terribly hopeless at resisting buying things. The Sephora sale ended online at midnight PST, and naturally as it got closer to midnight I freaked out even more at the thought of the sale being over and there possibly being more things I wanted to buy. So of course I went and placed another order, which was my fourth, and I’m so glad now that this sale only happens once a year -__________-

Apparently I love shower gel, because I’ve just bought 2 litres of it in the last week. This Korres Holiday set has Hot Spiced Chocolate, Honey Spice and Sugar Glazed Clementine, and they all sound delicious so I don’t regret buying this. Yum.

Sephora by OPI nail polishes in Teal We Meet Again and Dear Diary (3rd from the left I think?). The deep teal is stunning, and I love pink. Last year my sister made me bring back 20+ bottles of nail polish from the US back to Singapore for her, so at least there’s always someone else more obsessed than I am..

Marc Jacobs Lola perfume ring! I know the Daisy one is newer and possibly prettier but this is so much more eye-catching! I got this as a present for my piano teacher, she’s absolutely amazing and has to deal with my crap all the time (oversleep, late, last-minute reschedule, bored of piece and want to change etc). She’s Romanian and brilliant at piano! She was damn sick once after she came back from teaching a Masterclass in China, and she dragged herself to school full of antibiotics just for her one lesson with me and I overslept and didn’t show up that day : ((((

Got the mini sample version of Clinique’s Happy perfume and a Bare Minerals set for free because I redeemed my sephora points (100 for Happy, 500 for the set)! The set has a full-size mascara and a mini face brush, lip gloss and mineral powder in a pouch. I love getting free stuff from Sephora 😀

I also picked up a Christmas present for one of my really good friends, it’s something pretty amazing (I think so la :D) so I really hope she likes it!! Not saying what it is in case she happens to read this~

So that’s all the stuff I hauled from the Sephora FF Sale 2010! Seriously I was like some crack addict desperately placing my last order at 11:58PM, 2 minutes before the sale ended. I was damn scared it wouldn’t go through can -.- Hope you guys liked reading my Sephora posts, and tell me what Sephora stuff you’ve been loving lately!!

Stuff I bought

Today I woke up late and didn’t go for any of my classes, just like yesterday -.- Boston has started getting cold (-1C yesterday wtfff), and the colder it gets the more shopping I do online instead HAHA. Sephora’s been having their annual Friends & Family Sale so I took the opportunity to stock up! Here’s some stuff I hauled:


Philosophy Bubble Bath and Shower Gels in Cookies n Creme and Gingerbread Girl! The Cookies n Creme bottle looks fabulously yummy and smells DELICIOUS, each time I whiff it I get something different! Sometimes I get the vanilla, or the chocolate cookies, or the sweet creme… *_* Gingerbread girl has a nice sweet, slightly spicy smell, more of fragrant gingerbread than actual ginger. And the gel is all shimmery and glittery! It comes in that really cute milk carton-looking package too. Both are limited edition, and Gingerbread Girl is part of Philosophy’s 2010 Christmas collection, along with the Gingerbread Man, Cherry Christmas, Candy Cane etc! I’m very tempted by Rainbow Sherbert, Melting Marshmallow Bars, Chocolate Cookies, Creme Brulee and a whole bunch of others but I have to keep telling myself that 500ml shower gel bottles are a bitch to carry back to Singapore..



Stila palettes in Trendsetting in Tokyo and Make an Impression in Moscow! They’re part of the Stila Around the World Travel Palette collection, along with the Paris, USA and Fiji palettes. I love all the cool colours in the Moscow set, and the damn bright pink blush in the Tokyo one! Actually I’m not really sure if I’ll ever use these, but they’re so pretty and they were only $10USD each~~



Illamasqua powder blushes in Hussy (top right) and Tweak (bottom)! I LOVE Illamasqua blushes, their texture and pigmentation are amazing! They’re very finely-milled and smooth, and you can barely feel that it’s powder instead of like, silk or something. Naturally, they’re also quite expensive. They retail for $24USD, for comparison MAC blushes are $18.50USD.

I also picked up NARS blush in Desire ($26)!



(Not from Sephora) I bought MAC’s Bite of an Apple blush from the Venomous Villains collection recently, and I’ve been using it almost every day since. There was so much hype around this blush (and the collection in general) that I reserved one before it was released, and after I started wearing it I realised I need 2 HAHA. Look, look, it’s so pretty in the pan!! It’s a pretty peach coral, and the colour actually pops very nicely. I facebooked my sister and made her buy me a backup in Singapore after it sold out in the US, ahahahaha. I’m so scared I’ll run out, even though I’ve been using my first MAC blush, Springsheen, since er 4+ years ago and I’m barely 1/4 through it. Well that kind of thinking explains my 4 Stereo Rose MSFs…



Other random things my mum and sister made me buy for them -.- :

Illamasqua Intense Lipgloss, NARS lipgloss, MUFE Aqua Cream, Korres Lip butter trio and Dr. Dennis Gross face peels. I’m not sure why 3 tubes of lip balm cost $42USD, but I’m sure my sister does -.- I also don’t understand older women and their obsession with face masks, but I think by the time I’m some auntie I’ll be masking my face everyday to prevent wrinkles D: