Sunday night woes

It’s Sunday night, which means I’m in the library with my hair up, wearing glasses and looking like shit and frantically trying to finish all my homework -____- And I must be some ginormous FATTY because I’m totally looking forward to ordering pizza and pigging out once I’m done with my readings. I have 300+ pages to read for my Architecture midterm on Tues and I’ve told myself that if I read diligently for the next hour, I can reward myself by ordering in pizza. And breadsticks, the breadsticks are important (blame this week’s episode of Glee…).  I’m damn fat la srsly wtfff why am I rewarding myself with pizza???

Domino’s makes ordering pizza fun

Look!! I discovered 2 years ago after making my first Domino’s order online that you can track the damn pie!! It’s damn exciting la you can check if they’ve made your pizza, who made your pizza, and whether it’s out for delivery yet! Look look some guy called Chris made this pizza!! If you love buying stuff online and have lots of fun tracking your parcel and seeing where it is in the world, this is exactly the same feeling!! I’m getting damn hungry just thinking about my pizza getting closer to my doorstep. But I still need to do my readings before I can order my pizza and they can make it and bake it and send it over omg ok BYEEEEE!


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